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Description : The book expounds the macro-level relationship between strategy, HRM, and performance, addressing important challenges that have constrained research and practice to date. Adopting a critical perspective, the first challenge is a narrow definition of ‘performance’ that has been largely driven by a managerialist, profit motive, with little regard for the human element.

This book proposes adopting a more balanced approach towards measuring performance, encompassing both organizational financial performance as well as employee well-being. The second challenge is that HRM has largely been considered a universalistic phenomenon, rather than needing to be understood in the context in which an organization is operating. The book puts forward the argument for a more context-centric perspective, culminating in the development of the Contextual Strategic Human Resource Management Framework.

The book emphasizes the importance of strategy, alignment, context, the role of actors, and a holistic conceptualisation of performance. Embedded in all chapters is a focus on achieving an appropriate balance between options, rather than providing a universalistic solution to all human resource management challenges.

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