Google Analytics Demystified (4th Edition)
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Description : Learn Google Analytics Step-by-Step in Plain English

The 4th Edition of Google Analytics Demystified covers Google Analytics’ current features, paying special attention to new metrics, support such as Intelligence Questions, and the new Global Site Tag tracking code. The book discusses the characteristics of the new code as well as the code’s impact on page and link tracking, Ecommerce reporting, and event creation and transmission to Google Analytics. Additionally, new scripts have been provided to allow scroll depth, video play and form completion monitoring when the new tracking code is used.

Google Analytics is a free platform that you can use to significantly improve the performance of your digital properties. Unfortunately, many are deterred from using the data provided by Analytics because they fear that it is too complicated, too technical, and too time consuming. Google Analytics Demystified eliminates all of these potential barriers.

The 4th Edition of Google Analytics Demystified covers Google Analytics’ current features, paying special attention to those that have been added or updated in the past year. All of these features are explained in easy-to-follow, non-jargon discussions with particular emphasis on interpretation and strategic application. The book helps you better understand how to use and apply Google Analytics data so that you can immediately improve the success of your own digital property.

Google Analytics Demystified is real-world in orientation. It presents practical examples and is written for those who want to improve the performance of their digital properties without being sidetracked on technical detours. As a result, the book helps you better understand how to use Google Analytics to make better informed and therefore more successful decisions.

The sequenced instructional approach will help you answer questions such as:

  • How do visitors find my site and what do they do when they arrive? What are the most common entrance pages? What are the most common exit pages?
  • What content do my visitors find most interesting and motivating? How much of my content is actually being consumed? What do visitors do after they read my content?
  • How easily can site visitors find what they are looking for? Is my site content aligned with the search terms my visitors use?
  • What can I do to improve visitors’ experiences and facilitate site interactions?
  • How effective are my campaigns and how can I make them more effective?
  • How are my site transactions influenced by visitor characteristics and other aspects of site engagement?
  • How do I create and evaluate site goals?
  • How can I conduct tests to optimize my site’s layout, content, organization, and navigation?
  • How can I identify and examine the characteristics and behaviors of key subgroups of site visitors?
  • How can I monitor and evaluate important site interactions, such as downloads, video viewing, and page scrolling?
  • How can I ensure the integrity of my data by eliminating referral and ghost spam?
  • What can I learn from an examination of individual visitors and their behaviors?
  • What is the Lifetime Value (LTV) of my customers acquired through email, social media, and paid search?
  • How do I calculate certain metrics not provided by Google Analytics, such as Revenue per User or Searches per User?
  • How do I create a custom report that is tailored to my exact information needs and business goals; and how do I share this report with colleagues and clients?

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